zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Review: Garlic basecoat?

Hello everybody!

Yes, you see it correctly, there are pieces of garlic in my nailpolish! I first saw this on a Dutch blog; I had a problem with breaking nails and I'm always willing to try new things! So I bought some clear nailpolish, mixed in some garlic, shook it up, let it sit for a week and then used a whole bottle of it.

The bottle on the left is newly made, the bottle on the left is old. As you can see, I used almost all of it. The garlic has gotten a bit dark, but that's fine. The polish has gotten a bit thick, and I'm not good at getting the last of it out, so I just made a new bottle!

But what did I think of it?
At first, I didn't think it would work with preventing breaking nails, and I didn't think it would make my nails stronger. But it did! My nails didn't break as much anymore, even with my job at the supermarket, my nails could handle it!
And then I stopped using it, and my nails started to break again. At that moment I decided to make a new bottle of it.

Maybe it's placebo or something, but for me it actually works!
Your nails will smell like garlic, but that's only noticable if you stick your fingers in your nose... And during the day you will wash your hands, so the smell will wear off. It didn't bother me even once.
It didn't stain my nails, I was afraid of that, but fortunately it didn't happen!

Bottom line: I like it!
If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks for stopping by today :)
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