zondag 31 oktober 2010

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics Hot Summer Pink

Hello everybody!

No halloween nails here, I don't celebrate Halloween and I'm not really creative enough to come up with a design.
Instead, I did a pink NOTD, a very pink NOTD... It's october, so it's breast cancer awareness month. But I didn't wear pink yet... So here it is!

This is Hot Summer Pink by Diamond Cosmetics. As you can see it's a very bright pink! I took these pictures after work on saturday, and it was already dark :( So the picture above is not that great...

Picture with flash:
This colour has a blue undertone, which makes the polish a cool toned polish. You will really stand out wearing this colour! haha

After work I decided to apply the Nail Effects from Barry M. I was curious how it would look with a bright pink like this, and it didn't disappoint me!

I didn't apply topcoat on my index finger and ring finger, but you can't really see the matte effect here. Also, the matte effect of the crackling polish wasn't super noticable anymore after a few hours. Maybe it's because of the moistering creme I used?

You may have noticed that the nail on my middle finger is cracked. As I am typing now, it has broken off :( The nails on my middle fingers are really weak, I don't understand it all.. It's annoying because my nails are uneven now. But I guess I'll just have to live with it for the next few weeks? ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :D

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

NOTD: Zoya Mimi

Hello everybody!

This is Zoya's Mimi. I'm wearing two coats.

In the bottle it shows some golden-like duochrome, but it doesn't show up on the nail at all. It kinda reminds me of Orly Out of this World? I think I'm going to do a comparison soon, because I'm eager to know haha.

Bottle pic

You can see the duochrome effect on the sides here.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

OPI Burlesque quick swatches

Hello everybody!

Here I am again with the quick swatches! The number behind the names of the polishes are the number of coats I used.

Rising Star (3), Take the Stage (3), The show must go on (3), Let me Entertain you (2), Ali's Big Break (2), Teas-y Does it (2)

Bring on the Bling (3), Glow up Already (3), Extra-Va-Vaganza (3), Simmer and Shimmer (3), Show it and Glow it (3), Sparkle-iscious (4)

And all of them:

Pretty right? :D They're prettier in real life, it is a cloudy day so the pictures didn't came out really great.

Do you have a favorite in this collection?
Thanks for stopping by! :)

OPI Burlesque has arrived!

Hello everybody!

Package time! :D My OPI Burlesque collection arrived! It was packaged in a flat rate mailing envelope, and in that envelope there was a mailing box:

All of the polishes were nicely wrapped in bubble wrap

And now... the polishes! :D

Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On, Let me Entertain you, Ali's Big Break, Teas-y Does it

Bring on the Bling, Glow up Already, Extra-Va-Vaganza, Simmer and Shimmer, Show it and Glow it, Sparkle-iscious

I will make some quick swatches on a nail wheel and post them later on the day!
Thanks for stopping by :)

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

NOTD: Nubar Verde

Hello everyone!

This is Nubar's Verde. This one's also part of the Venetian Glass collection. I'm wearing two coats.

It's a very dark green shade with gold shimmer/undertones. You can't really see the gold shimmer on the nail, but with clean-up I noticed that it's definitely there. You can see some gold around my cuticles right?

And sorry for the red spots on my fingers!

The bottle:

Thanks for stopping by! :)

maandag 25 oktober 2010

NOTD: Nubar Vino

Hello everybody!

This is Nubar's Vino. I'm wearing two coats.

It's a pretty red-brownish colour. Sometimes it seems kind of duochrome to me, because it flashes pink. In low lightning the colour looks more purple than red.


The bottle:

Pretty right?
Normally I don't really like to wear reds, but I like this one! Vino is part of the Venetian Glass collection.

Thanks for stopping by :)

zondag 24 oktober 2010

NOTD: Crackling Ivanka

Hello everybody!

First of all, excuse my bad pictures! I took them in low lightning and the nail on my middle finger decided to chip. I had an "accident" at work, my finger got stuck between to boxes and as I pulled my finger out, it took away some of my polish.

This is Zoya's Ivanka with the Barry M Nail effects.

It was fascinating to see this polish dry. You put on a full coat of polish, and then it just starts to "crackle".
This polish dries matte. I didn't really liked the matte effect over Zoya Ivanka so I decided to apply a shiny topcoat.

I kinda have the feeling the Barry M also gave me instant tipwear. Or maybe it's just me, I don't really know. But maybe because of the effects it shrunk a little? But it's not that bad, on the pictures the tipwear is worse than after I applied it, because I already wore this for a couple of days, and of course I worked with this mani.

I like this polish. I don't have any other crackling polishes, so I can't compare. But overall I'm pleased with this one!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Really small Barry M haul!

Hello everybody!

Look what I got in the mail...

It's Barry M Nail Effects and Barry M Dusky Mauve.
I read on Lacquerized that Dusky Mauve is a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. I can't really afford Chanel polishes, but I really liked Paradoxal. So I'm glad Barry M came out with this dupe, 'cause I obviously can afford Barry M!

Also, the crackling effect is getting more and more popular. I saw more pictures of manicures with it, and I just had to have a crackling polish myself! I really like the crackling effect, what do you think?

I ordered these from Alice & Jo's, a Dutch online store.

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

NOTD: Zoya Ivanka

Hello everybody!

This is Zoya's Ivanka. I'm wearing three coats. Normally I don't really like or wear green, but I like this colour! It's nice and sparkly!

In sunlight:
Can you see how it plays with the light? I kept looking at it! :P

The bottle:

Thanks for stopping by! :)

donderdag 21 oktober 2010

Collection part 4: Diamond Cosmetics

Hello everybody!

Today I'm going to show you another part of my collection! These are my Diamond Cosmetics polishes.

Hue are you?, Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle, Crushed Velvet, Hi Ho Silver

Sparkling Cherry, Calypso, Cotton Candy, Hot Summer Pink

You can click on a few names to see my NOTD with them on.
If you want to see any other swatches, please let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

NOTD: Nubar Absolute

Hello everybody!

This is Nubar's Absolute. It's part of the Prism collection. It's a gorgeous blue holographic colour! I'm wearing three coats. This is a thin polish, in some lightning you could still see my nail line.

Here's a picture with flash, because it wasn't really sunny when I took the pictures. As you can see the holographic effect is minimum. And sorry for the glitter stuck to my cuticles from sky sparkle :P

The bottle:

I really love holographic polishes. Although this one isn't over the top holo, I still like it. The shade of blue is very pretty and the subtle holo is nice to see ^^

And not nail polish related.. But I saw my cat in the bath tub and I was wondering to myself, "is this normal?" :P haha

Thanks for stopping by!

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

NOTD: Nubar Sky Sparkle

Hello everybody!

This is Nubar's Sky Sparkle. It's a light blue glitter in a clear base. And because it has a clear base.. I used 4 coats. After 4 coats it still wasn't perfectly opaque, but that was hardly noticable. I used Seche Vite as my topcoat, 'cause it's a bit thicker so my mani felt nice & smooth after it :P

Because of the many coats I used, application was kind off tricky for me. It's not really as perfect as I want too, but it's okay.
If you don't like to put on a lot of layers, I suggest layering this polish over another polish, maybe a light blue?

The bottle:

Thanks for stopping by! :)

maandag 18 oktober 2010

OPI Burlesque collection

Hello everybody!

You might have guessed it... I ordered the Burlesque collection today! Every single one of them! :D
At first I only wanted to buy 7. But as more and more swatches came out, I just had to have them all... I ordered them from eBay.
I hope they will arrive soon, and then I will posts pictures and a small review of the seller. I really can't wait :D

I decided to buy them now, because I need something new and shiny to make me feel better! I'll receive them after my exams are over, if they went well then it's a reward, if they went bad it's a comfort! :P
But of course, my exams will go well... Right? :P

Thanks for stopping by!

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Time management?

Hello everybody,

This post is about why I'm not really active anymore, like I was in the beginning.

First, in the beginning it was summer break so I simply had more time :P Now I'm studying, I'm in my second year and it's kind of hard for me. I'm not really a person who is good at time management, so basically I do everything at the very last moment. I have exams this week, my first one is tomorrow. And what do you think? Exactly, haven't really done anything yet...
Sometimes I think school is just too much. We have to do projects, which take a lot of time. Almost all of the time doing homework, was working on the projects.. I hope I will pass my exams, please send some good luck my way?? ;)

Second, I also work. I have to, I have to pay my own school fees, and if I want to keep my nailpolish addiction alive, I have to earn some money to buy new polishes, right? ;) haha.

Also I don't have a lot of ideas at this moment. My head is filled with stress and thoughts about school. Most of the time I will do NOTD's, but I can't do those everyday, because I don't have the time to change my polish every day. (Sometimes I wish I had! Wearing a different polish everyday is fun ^^)
I want to post blogposts with my own ideas and own thoughts, I don't like to be a copycat so I try not to. Sometimes it's hard on me just to blog. As a starting blogger, I don't have a lot of visitors. I knew this beforehand, but sometimes I see other blogs with 100+ followers I feel jealousy inside. But I know that they worked hard for every follower, and I know I can get there too if I work hard!

With this post I also want to thank everybody who visits my blog! I really appreciate the visits! :)

Well that's it.. And once again, thanks for stopping by!

NOTD: Eyeko Posh Polish

Hello everybody!

This is Eyeko's Posh Polish. I had to give a presentation so I wanted to wear a neutral colour.

I'm wearing two coats and didn't bother to do a clean up. And excuse my cuticles, I know it's getting worse... But my fingertips already look better than a few days ago so that's good! I've been under a lot of stress lately so my fingers suffer a lot... haha

Application on my middle finger is a bit off, but it didn't annoy me enough to get me to do a clean up :P

Bottle pic:

Thanks for stopping by! :)
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