dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

NOTD: Catrice Sold out Forever

Hello everybody!

The last NOTD with my longer nails! ;) This is Sold out Forever by Catrice. It's a lovely jade colour with small greenish shimmer. The shimmer is very hard to notice on the nail, so you don't see it in the pictures. And of course, the days that I had this colour on, were rainy days. So that didn't help either.

You can also see the edges of the Essence SOS nail pads, I didn't file them down quite enough around the cuticle area.

And the bottle, with the tape I couldn't get off... :P

Thanks for reading! :)

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Essence SOS Nail Repair Pads: Part 2

Hello everybody!

So here I am again with part 2 of the Essence SOS nail pads!
I'm 50% pleased... Because one of my nails still broke off! Of course, it was my nail on my middlefinger... The layers still seperated/splitted after I applied the pads and after that it broke of.

See here:
(Yes, I got impatient and annoyed, so I peeled off the pads. Which I probably shouldn't have done blabla, but it really annoyed me, and I didn't feel like soaking my nails into nailpolish remover...!)

It worked perfectly fine with the "normal" crack. But I felt like the difference in lenght was too much, so I cut all of my nails...

The end result:

Tomorrow I still have an old "NOTD" for you, and that will be my last post with my longer nails...
I don't really mind that much, I kinda like them at this lenght.

Thanks for reading! :)

Essence SOS Nail Repair Pads

Hello everybody!

I used the Essence SOS Nail repair pads for the first time this week.

Used it together with the SOS nail glue!

As we all know, nails are build of different layers. With my middlefinger, they always seem to "split" (don't really know how to explain this correctly in English? :P). I think the nail on my middlefingers are my weakest nails... So it started to seperate/split/however you should call it, so I thought, why not try the SOS pads out?
My other nail was "simply" broken.

After I just applied them

2 coats of glue later... Looks kinda freaky btw :P Very dry... haha

OMG! Naked nails!!

It's been almost a week now since I put these on. I will post an update blogpost later this day, I still need to take some pictures!

Thanks for reading :)

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

NOTD: Gradient effect

Hello everybody!

Today's NOTD is my first try at a gradient effect!

This is my right hand, the hand you normally don't see... ;)

I think it turned out pretty decent! I had this design on for about 5 days, so that must mean I like it.. ;)

Polishes I used:

OPI - Alpine Snow
China Glaze - Sugar High
China Glaze - Heli-Yum

I forgot to take a picture of the glitter polish... But I used Carrie by Essence!

Thanks for reading! :)

vrijdag 27 augustus 2010


Hello everybody!

My internetspeed is somewhat normal again, so that means I'm back! :D
To reward myself for passing for my exam on monday, I wanted to buy some Orly Cosmic FX. I wanted four of them; space cadet, lunar eclipse, galaxy girl and out of this world. I saw them a week before on transdesign, for $5. So on monday afternoon, I went to transdesign.com, and my mouth fell wide open. The price went op to $10, and they won't ship any Orly polishes overseas anymore! :(
So, my search continued. I found these polishes on a dutch online store, enchantra.eu. But of course, space cadet was out of stock. Which is completely understandable, just look at that colour! It's simply amazing!! But I couldn't wait and ordered the other 3. I hope they arrive soon! :D

Thanks for stopping by!

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

It's so quiet...

Hello everybody,

I haven't been posting for a few days now... It's just that my internet connection is failing me. It's very slow, and it takes forever to upload pictures.
We were supposed to get better, faster internet. But the provider made some mistake or whatever and that's why we've been stuck with superslow internet. They said they will solve the problem by friday, so I really hope that happens...

Yesterday I had my drving theory exam.. And, I passed! :D So maybe I'll buy some polishes to reward myself (A) Depends on if the items are in stock :P haha!
And, did you know, it's my birthday today? ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

EOTD: Eyeliner

Hello everybody!

Today I have an EOTD for you! Sometimes I like to keep things simple, so I did an eyelook only using eyeliner. I used my gelliner from Coastal Scents in True Black. I also used this on the waterline.
I still have some trouble with applying eyeliner, but practise and Q-tips are my best friends! ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Pre blog nailart

Hello everybody!

Before I started this blog, I did some nailart too. I took pictures of it with my phone.. lol.
I wanted to share these " creations" with you! ;) Excuse the quality of the pictures and the background, this was all pre-blog! :P

I guess I never heard of clean-up? And my poor middle finger!

The basecolour is China Glaze, For Audrey
My thumb doesn't look very happy..

Can't really remember what I used for the tips... I can look it up if you want to :) And look at my pinky! The nail is way too long!!

Took me quite some time to make this... All those small beads! I used a simple white polish and sprinkled glitter over it :P

A design I saw in a YouTube tutorial. Used the same colours as in the vid!

Hope you liked my attempts at doing nail art! ;)

Thanks for reading!

donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Happy-wholesale order + review!

Edit 8 february 2011: I've seen a lot of negative reviews on happy-wholesale lately. My review is of the only time I ordered from them, so I have no other experience. When I ordered, I used to look a lot on Soompi's topic about asian wholesalers. I recommend you also check that forum before you decide to order!

Hello everybody! :)

Today I have a review for you about an online asian clothing wholesaler: happy-wholesale.com.

I ordered on thuesday night, and they shipped my order out on sunday night. It took a bit long, but maybe it's their policy to only ship out orders on certain days?
It arrived in 9 days, which isn't too bad for international shipping from China to the Netherlands!

Before we begin, I'm sorry for the quality of my pictures and the stuff in the background! If you want a picture with more detail, please let me know!

I chose the cheapest shipping option.
It came in a black bag. They said the value was 8USD, but we all know it's a little bit more... ;)

How the clothing was packaged:

I like this shirt, it fits well and it seems like decent quality. Feels nice and "strong"

As you can see, it's different from the stockpicture... In the stockpicture the "undershirt" is black, but mine is blue. Doesn't really matter to me, I like it anyways!
Would've liked it more if it were tighter, now it's kind of a loose fit. Quality seems decent too.

This may be a litte short for people taller than me. I'm 160 cm, don't know how much that is in inches.. 5'3"? 5'4"?
But I like it! Of course, how can I not like something that has Hello Kitty on it? ;) Again, quality seems decent!

Really like this one! I don't think I would wear this to school without a jacket, but for going out I think it's really nice!

Don't know how I like this one. Colour is more orangy-yellow than in my picture. I think this is my only disappointment. It makes me feel fat, and the colour is very different from the stockpicture! But, again, quality seems fine!

Err.. What?

I like this, and I don't like this. I bought this hoping it would be a fun going out dress. Which it is. But of course, I'm a girl and I have some insecurity issues, especially with my legs... So I don't know if I'm "brave" enough to wear this and face my insecurities :P
Other than that, I like it! Quality is nice, I'm thinking about removing the S from the zipper, don't know, seems so cheap?

Overall, I'm pleased! Service was okay, when I asked a question in the live chat they helped me perfectly. 4 out of 6 were true to the stockpictures, so that's a good score. My only disappointment is the yellow shirt, mainly because of the colour.
Quality suprised me! It's really better than I'd expected!

Hope you liked my review, and if you have any questions, let me know!
Thanks for reading :)

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

NOTD: Nfu.Oh 54

Hello everybody!

Another Nfu.Oh NOTD today! This is number 54, over 2 coats of a Essence black polish. I'm really tempted to buy more... But I also have a lot of other polishes on my wishlist... Nubar prism/sparke, Orly cosmic fx, a few from the OPI/CG fall collection.. Of course the M.A.C. polishes from the venomous villains collection... etc. etc. Am I greedy? Addicted? Crazy?

Again, when I was taking pictures I wanted to throw my camera out of the window. It just wouldn't pick up the green colour in this polish! It looks really blue in the pictures, where it's more green in real life.
These pictures made me realize I really want a blue flakie polish!

The bottle: (Again, why does my camera hate the colour green?!)

Since I'm taking pictures of my hands, I started to notice how short my pinky really is. I always knew it was kind of short (also, it's crooked). Quite often my pinky is just weird in pictures!

Thanks for reading!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Collection part 2: OPI

Hello everybody! :)

Today I'll show you part 2 of my collection; the OPI's!

Ridge filler, Basecoat and Topcoat.

Alpine snow, Black onyx, Extravagance, Reserve, Absolutely Alice

Hong Kong Collection spring 2010:

Meet me on the star ferry, Lucky Lucky Lavender, Hot & Spicy, A good man-darin is hard to find, Red my furtune cookie, Suzy says Feng Shui, Jade is the new Black

And that's all for my OPI collection! If you want any swatches let me know :)

Thanks for reading!

maandag 16 augustus 2010

NOTD: Nfu.Oh 51

Hello everybody! :)

Another Nfu.Oh NOTD! This is number 51, 4 coats.
Maybe I will layer it over purple next time, because 4 coats take forever to dry!

This colour was really difficult to photograph. In pictures it's more blue, where in real life it's more purple.

And with flash:

Bottle picture
This one is most true to colour!

I think I'm in love with Nfu.Oh! Although this one was kind of annoying because of the time it took to dry. But yeah, who puts on 4 coats of a thick polish... ;)

Thanks for reading! :)
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