vrijdag 14 januari 2011

I need your help!

Hello everybody!

Lately there have been multiple people asking me why I don't write my blogposts in Dutch. It got me thinking...

According to my statistics from the beginning up until now, the top 5 countries are:
1. The Netherlands
2. USA
3. Belgium
4. Brazil
5. France

So most of my visitors are Dutch or speak Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium). When I started this blog I wanted it to be international, and I still want it to be. Also, I like to write in English because it comes natural to me. It may not be perfect, but most of the time I think in crappy English in stead of Dutch.. haha

But since there were multiple people asking me about it, I thought, maybe I can do both? So I will write my blogpost in English and Dutch. I've seen it on some other blogs so I know it can work!
But what do you think? You are my audience, so what you think is really important to me! :) Keep it like this, or do it both? Maybe just do both for a while to see how people will react to it?

Thanks for your help in advance and thanks for stopping by! :)
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