zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Painting fail? Polish fail?

Hello everyone,

Here's a quick post. Wasn't planned, but I just had to share this pain with you!
I work at a supermarket as a shelf-stacker? re-stocker of the shelves? Don't know how to translate it? Vakkenvuller in Dutch... So I have to open a lot of boxes and stuff blabla. Usually it never really bothers my nailpolish (except when wearing rhinestones..), but this time, major chips! And I did my nails today!

My sad nails! =(

I used my OPI basecoat and my OPI topcoat, as always. I don't understand what has gone wrong :(
Yes, I know this post doesn't make any sense, but the chips of my nailpolish made me sad, so I had to share! Lol

NOTD: OPI DS Extravagance

Hello everyone :)

Today is a cloudy day over here, but I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of my nailcolour that I'd just painted on.

I only have two shades of the OPI Designer Series, and here is my second one, it's Extravagance. My pictures don't do it justice, it really is an amazing colour! Again, with a subtle holographic effect.

Here's a picture with flash: (Yes, I am aware that I am incapable to paint my nails perfectly)

And of course a bottle pic:

I love OPI nailpolishes. I should get myself more. Or shouldn't actually, since I bought Nfu.Oh and Eyeko not even a week ago... (I can't wait to receive them!!)

Thanks for reading!

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

NOTD: OPI Designer Series Reserve

Hello everybody!

Here I am again with a nail of the day! This time it's an OPI colour, the Designer Series Reserve.
It has a subtle holographic effect to it!
I'm wearing 2 coats.

Here's a picture taken with flash so the effect shows up better:

With my cat on the background, he ruined half of my pictures! :P

And again, a bottle picture:

Since I've been taking pictures of my nails, I feel like painting them 10 times a day. Ok, maybe not 10, but a few times. It's hard to resist! Normally I change my nailpolish one, or two times a week.

Thanks for reading! :)

donderdag 29 juli 2010

Review: TIGI Bed Head Superstar Shampoo&Conditioner

Hello everyone! :)

I'm going to do a review of the TIGI Bed Head Superstar Shampoo and conditioner! I have been using these for a few weeks now, and I'm quite pleased with it!


Whenever I saw a review of TIGI products, I often saw comments that people thought it was too expensive, so I like to start this review with the price.
I bought these two bottles as a set from eBay for about €30,-. Which means €15 per bottle of 750ml, which is a lot of product! A "regular" shampoo bottle contains around 250ml, so three times less. 15/3=€5, which isn't too much right? I looked around in my local supermarket and it was cheaper than John Frieda and Guhl (Just a few examples). Of course it's more expensive than most of the drugstore brands, but I think it's more than worth it!

This stuff smells simply amazing. AMAZING!! Everytime I wash my hair I get happy about this scent (ok, I'm kinda weird? :P). It's smells somewhat like strawberry candy, but not that nauseating sweet scent candy sometimes has, you know what I mean?
And it stays in your hair for a few hours, which is also nice. I smelled my pillow (again, weird?) and I could smell the scent of the shampoo+conditioner! :D


On the left the shampoo, on the right the conditioner

The consistency is kind off thick of both. I'm not really used to it, so the first time I used wayyyyy too much product. Now I only use one pump of each for my whole hair.
Nothing much to say about this.. haha


I think the packaging is cute. A big pink bottle, simple but still cute. I also like the pump on it, it makes it easier to dose. Yep, 10 out of 10 for me!
Maybe it's too big to take with you when you go on vacation or sleepovers, but I don't really mind about that. They also sell smaller bottles, but those don't come with the pump.


But does it do what it promises? Does it volumize?
I have to admit, at first I was really disappointed. I still had flat, liveless hair. But I didn't give up, and now I see the results. My hair does have more volume and it looks healthier.
I don't blowdry my hair regularly, but if I do now, I don't have to put a volumizing mousse or whatever in it, the shampoo+conditioner already done the trick!

Overall I'm pleased. I would recommend these products to people with volume problems! And really, the smell, I like it soooo much!
I can't think about a negative... Hmm, maybe that it takes a few weeks for the volumizing effect to kick in? Think that's all... haha

I hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for reading! :)

woensdag 28 juli 2010

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics

Hello everybody! :)

Here's my first nail of the day! It's Sparkling Cherry by Diamond Cosmetics. I'm only wearing 1 coat!
I know my nails are kind off uneven and not in it's best state ever, but oh well, they'll grow again... (and then break again...)

If you look closely you can see, I'm a "wolf biter". These past weeks it's not too bad. I tend to do it a lot when I'm under a lot of stress or when I'm really bored. And sometimes during movies which are really scary lol!
For the people that are interested in this "condition", here's a wikipedia link:

And last but not least, a picture of the bottle:

Thanks for reading! :)

dinsdag 27 juli 2010

To buy or not to buy?

Hello again! :)

Quite often I'm debating with myself whether I should buy something, or shouldn't buy something. I have a job at a supermarket, and I don't earn millions with it, so I can't buy everything I want...
But still, I often end up buying it anyway.

Yesterday I decided to order some nailpolish (what else? haha). After weeks of looking at pictures from Nfu.Oh polishes, and totally drooling over them, I decided to buy some! I bought from an online store:
I ordered yesterday noon, and they shipped it out this morning. When I recieve my package, I will review the store overall, and of course, the polishes!
I tried to hold back, I "only" ordered 7 polishes, the aqua basecoat, a Nfu.Oh topcoat and a Mosaic topcoat (never heard of it, so I wanted to give it a try, only cost €1.95, couldn't resist!)
The colours I ordered: 38, 51, 52, 54, 60, 61, 64 (actually I wanted 65, but it was OOS! :()

But if that wasn't enough... I also ordered 11 polishes from Eyeko! I ordered the rain, posh, tea rose, coral, petite, vampira, vintage, cosmic, nude, indigo and the lilac.
And of course I ordered these from:
Ok, I admit it. I'm addicted.


Hello and welcome to my blog! :)

This will mainly become a "beautyblog". I'm especially interested in nailpolish!
I will post reviews of products, but also of online stores. Sometimes I will write a "personal" blog, we all need to vent sometimes, right? ;). You can also expect pictures, NOTD and such. At this time I don't have a really good camera, but I'm saving up for one!

I hope you'll enjoy my blog!

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