zaterdag 18 september 2010

Review: Mosaic Brilliant Topcoat

Hello everybody!

Remember the Topcoat I ordered with the Nfu.Oh Package? Today it's time for the review! I used it with every manicure since I received it.

The bottle. Looks the same as the Seche Vite bottle :p Nothing special here.

My results after 5 days... I applied this polish (space cadet :D) on monday evening, and I took the pictures on friday evening.
I worked 2 0f these 5 days. For my job I need to open a lot of boxes, and I admit, I do use my nails as tools. I know, I'm bad, but it's so handy!
Also, I always apply topcoat when the polish is dry. It's just my routine. I will do one hand with polish, then the other hand, and then I will apply topcoat. So most of the time, the polish is already dry.

Left hand:

Nothing too bad on my left hand. Minor tipwear, nothing big.

Right hand:

My right hand is slightly worse, but when I think about it, it just makes sense. I use my right hand a lot more than my left hand. Basically, I can't do anything with my left hand haha.

So, it lasts quite good for me!
Also, it applies easily. It's a really thin topcoat, like water. This makes it easy ánd tricky to apply. When you have a little too much on the brush, it would just drip off your brush onto your hands and/or working area. But if you're careful, this shouldn't be a problem.

Now drying time.. It dries to the touch fairly quickly. When I'm done doing my right hand, the polish on my left hand is already dry. Almost sounds perfect right?
But, here it comes, I found one big problem with this topcoat. It takes FOREVER to dry completely. It wouldn't be the first time that I decide to go to the toilet of whatever, when it's been around an hour or so after I applied to topcoat. And what happened?
The nailpolish got dented, wrinkly, half of it was gone... For me, this never happened to me before this topcoat...

This could've been my favorite topcoat, if it weren't for the drying time. They also have a quick dry one, maybe that one's better? Hmm..

That's it for my review, let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading! :)
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