donderdag 16 september 2010

Review: Essence Strawberry Nailpolish Remover

Hello everybody!

Today I'm doing a small review of the Essence nailpolish remover, the nail hardening one.

Yes, the bottle in the picture is empty, but that's because I transferred it to my remover dispenser ;)

So, what it says it does:

I don't really think it helps me with strengthning my nails, but overall I have pretty strong nails so I didn't bought it for that reason. I just wanted to have a nice smelling nailpolish remover! Lol.
When I first smelled this I didn't like it at all. Very chemical and weird... But when I used it, I started to like it! I was done doing my nails, and I smelled something on my hands.. Something sweet and candylike. I couldn't figure it out, but then it hit me... It was the scent of the nailpolish remover! So, in my opinion it smells nice when you use it, but when you smell it from the bottle, it's just weird...

The bottle comes with a big.. Hole? Thingy? I don't really like big ones, because I always put way too much on my cotton pad. But on the other hand, it is nice for cleaning up with a brush, you just dip your brush in it and you're good to go!
(I'm using a different nailpolish remover for my clean ups btw)

This works fine for me. Not good, not bad, just normal. Removes polish as it should do. What I do like about this one, is that it makes my nails feel super soft. With some (non acetone) removers, I experienced getting very dry nails.

Overall I like this product. I would buy it again, not only for its price (€1.29), but also for it scent, and it works as it should ^^
I think I'm going to buy an other when this one runs out, maybe the one with the coconut scent? I have yet to decide! haha

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks for reading :)
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