zaterdag 25 september 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Hello everyone,

I know I haven't been posting this week, I'm sorry!
It's just that I have been busy with school and work. Normally I would post something today, but I have to work from 12.30 - 21.30 so I can't find the time to do my nails, take pictures etc. :(

In 6 days it will be 1/10, which means I haven't bought nailpolish in a month! (Except for Space Cadet... But that was absolutely necessary!!) I'm already looking around for polishes I want to order. I'm thinking some Zoya's and Nubar's, since I don't have any of those brands.

About my nails, I did go for the french tip. Actually, I really liked the idea of wearing a nice taupe colour. But I was thinking: "I dont have any taupes...", so I went on and did my nails. And of course, right after I was finished I thought about the Eyeko Posh polish, but oh well, this was fine too ^^
I don't have any pictures of it, and at this moment it's too ugly and has too much tipwear to make a picture of it, hope you understand ;)

Well, thanks for reading and I'll be back as soon and as often as I can!
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