donderdag 9 september 2010

NOTD: Out of this World

Hello everybody!

This is Orly's Out of this World! It's a dark polish with purple shimmers in it. In the bottle it has some brownish/goldish"fx", but that doesn't show up on the nail at all! :(
But still, I think it's a very pretty polish, I love purple!

Do you see the effect in the bottle?

Picture with flash:

And the bottle pic:

Excuse the tipwear, was wearing this for a few days, can't remember exactly when I put this on.. lol.
Of course it's disappointing that the effect doesn't show up on the nail, but I'll love this polish anyways!

Still no Space Cadet though :( I emailed the company today, I'll keep you posted!
Thanks for reading :)
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