dinsdag 21 september 2010

A running post

Hello everybody!

So today no nailpolish, or beauty post. This is a post about running!
On sunday september 21st, there was an event in Amsterdam and Zaandam, "dam tot damloop". You could choose between 10miles (16,1 km) and 4miles (6,4km). And yes, I participated!

I did the 4miles business run. I work at the Albert Heijn, and I joined through them (after somebody talked me into it!). I'm not really into sports. I'm not good at it. Soccer, basketbal, hockey, baseball, I suck at them all. But I do like running. I feel like that's a sport I can be good at, and it clears my mind, which is always nice ;)

I didn't really had any training, so I chose the 4miles just to be sure. When the Dam tot Damloop was around 8 weeks away, I went to the gym and started running on the trend mill at 10km/h. I stopped after 20-25 minutes. I planned to go every week. But of course, I didn't. The Dam tot Damloop came really close, so I forced myself to go again. I started running at 10,5km/h for about 20-25 minutes.
My last "training" was two weeks before the run, and I pushed myself to run at least 30 minutes at 10,5km/h. And I did, I ran 5545 meters that time. (Including warming-up for 2 minutes)

And then it was sunday. We almost started to late, because I kinda got lost... But we made it anyway!
The time flew by... And before I knew it, the finish was in sight! My time was 35:37 minutes with an average speed of 10,78 km/h. I'm proud of myself that I made it without walking, and under 45 minutes (I wanted to be under 45 min no matter what :P). I finished as 306th out of 1094 people. So, you could say I became 3th out of 10 right? Haha.

Now I feel addicted to running. I want to run more, become better and faster. But, I never run outside. I'm afraid people will look at me weird. Also, I don't have running shoes. Should I put my fears aside, buy some running shoes and just go for it?

And just to make a fool out of myself, here's a picture of me during the run! I'm the one in the blue and white shirt (Ahold shirt :P), on the right side of the picture. You might have to click the picture to see me.. If you dare, haha
Hmm, I tried clicking and it wouldn't work. So click here for a fullsize picture :P

Hope you enjoyed this post anyway! Thanks for reading!
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