donderdag 2 december 2010

French manicure

Hello everybody!

I'm back with a french manicure! I used OPI's Alpine Snow and on top of that I used Eyeko's Petite polish.

I know my nails look kind of greenish, my nails were badly stained by Nubar's Verde... At first they looked like zombie nails, so it's already a lot better :)

I didn't use a basecoat for this, because I wanted to correct the 'smile lines' with my brush. I think it came out pretty decent for a free hand french manicure! Right? :)

I wore this because I had to go dressed up all nicely to school. Turns out, most of the people were just wearing jeans and stuff. So basically, I did this effort for nothing... But I like the look of the french manicure anyway, so it doesn't really matter! How do you like french manicures?

Thanks for stopping by! :)
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