vrijdag 31 december 2010

China Glaze Gradient

Hello everybody!

I know I said I would do a french tip with some rhinestones, I still do that! I just have to find the time. I wanted to do it sunday, but I had to work on monday and thuesday, and most of the time my rhinestones fall off during work, so I thought I'd do a gradient in stead!

Re-fresh mint, For Audrey, Flyin' High

I used a cosmetic sponge to get this result. I used 3 coats of re-freshmint as a base.

How do you like gradient? I really like the effect! This is only the second gradient I created. I was doubting if I shoul've added some glitter, but I only own true blue glitters, and this is more a greenish/blue gradient so I just left it like this.

Thanks for stopping by today! :)

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