zaterdag 11 december 2010

Essence glitter and Catrice matte

Hello everybody!

Sorry that I've been gone, I'm getting sick so I'm not really into pianting my nails and stuff at the moment... But here's a comparison with the Essence Glitter topcoat, regular polish, and the Catrice matte topcoat.

The glitter is nothing special, it doesn't really sparkle, but it gave a nice "starry night" effect to the black polish.
In the middle is the regular polish with nothing on it, and on the right is the polish with the matte topcoat over it. This is my first matte topcoat ever, and I like the result! How do you like it?

And a side note about my yesstyle order:
It's shipped with DHL, they came yesterday at 11:13AM. I was at school at the time and nobody was home. They don't deliver on saturdays, and during the week I'm really busy with school so I'm afraid the delivery man will come when I'm not at home... :( Send some positive thoughts my way so I'll get my order on monday? ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :)
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