vrijdag 3 december 2010

The Ultimate Nail Tag

Hello everybody!

Although I'm not really tagged, I saw this tag on Lovely's Instinct's youtube channel, and I thought it was fun to answer the questions on my blog :)

1. When did your nail passion start?
I had to look at the first picture I ever took of my nails. The pictures is taken on september 2009, so I guess it started then!

Here is the picture btw, doesn't it look wrong? Uneven nails, nail on my pinky wayyyy too long etc. etc.

2.When did you start growing your nails long?
I have longer nails for as long as I can remember. I always had strong nails so they grew long fast. Most of the time I was too lazy to really take care of my nails, so I would just let them grow, and they only got shorter when they broke of. I know, bad habbits from the past...

3.What are the secrets to growing long natural nails?
I don't really have a secret. My nails are naturally strong. I don't do anything special to them, or use a nail strengthener. I guess I'm just lucky?

4.Do you like long or short nails?
Hmm, somewhere in between? I don't like too long or too short nails. I think a few mm above the edge is pretty.

5.Which do you prefer most acrylic,gel, fiberglass or any other nail enhancement?
I have no experience with this, so I can't judge :)

6.Do you prefer false nails or natural nails?
Natural nails. False nails can be pretty too, if they're nicely done and if the person maintains them well. But I think natural nails are prettier.

7.What nail shape do you like best,round,square,pointy,squoval?
Square and squoval

8.What nail polish brand do you love the most?
This is a really hard question for me. I can't choose! China Glaze? OPI? Zoya? Nfu.Oh? Nubar? Etc.? This is just too hard for me! :P

9.If you were stuck on an island what would be the 3 nail items you would bring?
File, cuticle butter (lemony flutter in this case), a sheer pink polish or just a clear one to make my nails look a little less naked!

10.Why do you love nail art? and How did you get started doing nail art?
I'm not really doing nail art at the moment because I don't really have time. Also I find it difficult to come up with creative designs.
I like to look at the nail art from other people. Sometimes I envy them because they came up with such a pretty design and I even fail of coming up with something easy! I love nail art because it's always different and the options are endless.

Well, that's it! Hope you liked my answer and feel free to do this tag if you want to :)
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