woensdag 4 augustus 2010

NOTD: Ruffian

Hello everybody!

At first I didn't want to show you this, although I did put a lot of effort in it. But I had some problems with showing you this... First my skin around my nails is looking horrible. It's getting worse again, so please don't mind that! Second, I had some bubble-issues with my topcoat. Probably put too much on... And third, it isn't perfect. Not that I can do any better than this, but still.
Hope you'll like my NOTD anyways!

Polishes I used:

China Glaze Sci-Fi and a black Essence polish.

Thanks for reading! :)

OK, so I saved this article, went on with the things I had to do, but then it hit me. I was super annoyed by the bubbles on my nails. So I thought, why not try my new glitter polish out? I used essence Julia.

Spiced up ruffian? How do you like it? :P
And yes, my middle finger is more damaged in this picture. Seriously, does anybody know how to stop this biting? Nailpolish doesn't help. Smearing with disguisting-tasting stuff also doesn't help. I want pretty nails, skin and cuticles! :(

Well, thanks for reading, again ;)
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