vrijdag 27 augustus 2010


Hello everybody!

My internetspeed is somewhat normal again, so that means I'm back! :D
To reward myself for passing for my exam on monday, I wanted to buy some Orly Cosmic FX. I wanted four of them; space cadet, lunar eclipse, galaxy girl and out of this world. I saw them a week before on transdesign, for $5. So on monday afternoon, I went to transdesign.com, and my mouth fell wide open. The price went op to $10, and they won't ship any Orly polishes overseas anymore! :(
So, my search continued. I found these polishes on a dutch online store, enchantra.eu. But of course, space cadet was out of stock. Which is completely understandable, just look at that colour! It's simply amazing!! But I couldn't wait and ordered the other 3. I hope they arrive soon! :D

Thanks for stopping by!
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