zondag 1 augustus 2010

EOTD: Neutral look

Hello everybody!

I'm not really as much into make-up as into nailpolish. Most of the time I go out and don't wear any make-up. Sometimes, when I'm bored, when I'm in to it, or when I have a party or whatever, I will do eye make-up. I do like it, but I'm not very skilled...

Today I had a lot of trouble with my photos. They just didn't want to turn out as I wanted them to turn out. I even took some pictures with my mobile phone for more realistic colours. Anyway, here goes!

The look:

What I used:

Bend eyeliner brush - Brandless?
Eyeshadow brush - E.L.F
Blending brush - E.L.F
Eyeliner brush - E.L.F (Studio line)
Eyelash Curler - E.L.F

Eyeshadow base - Hema (Dutch drugstore)
Sexy Curves Mascara - Rimmel

Gelliner in True Black - Coastal Scents
Cream eyeshadow in Pixie - Wet & Wild

Anastasia Brow ex-press kit in Blonde

My "fake" 88 warm palette bought of ebay

And here are two pictures taken with my mobile:

Maybe it's not the hardest look to do, but to me it was kind of difficult to get the liner as it is, shaky hands and everything, lol!

I hate how boring (can't find the right word? :P) this EOTD looks in the pictures. Trust me, it's better in person!

Thanks for reading!
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