woensdag 18 augustus 2010

NOTD: Nfu.Oh 54

Hello everybody!

Another Nfu.Oh NOTD today! This is number 54, over 2 coats of a Essence black polish. I'm really tempted to buy more... But I also have a lot of other polishes on my wishlist... Nubar prism/sparke, Orly cosmic fx, a few from the OPI/CG fall collection.. Of course the M.A.C. polishes from the venomous villains collection... etc. etc. Am I greedy? Addicted? Crazy?

Again, when I was taking pictures I wanted to throw my camera out of the window. It just wouldn't pick up the green colour in this polish! It looks really blue in the pictures, where it's more green in real life.
These pictures made me realize I really want a blue flakie polish!

The bottle: (Again, why does my camera hate the colour green?!)

Since I'm taking pictures of my hands, I started to notice how short my pinky really is. I always knew it was kind of short (also, it's crooked). Quite often my pinky is just weird in pictures!

Thanks for reading!
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