dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Amsterdam haul

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam and I bought some stuff!

First, what I bought at Kruidvat. Kruidvat is a Dutch drugstore.

I got 2 Catrice polishes, Blue's brother, and, of course, Sold out forever. Even if Sold out forever was an ugly colour, I still would have bought it because of the name... lol. These are my first Cartrice polishes! They came with annoying tape around it, couldn't get it off, so I just cut the tape around the bottle...
3 Essence polishes, 2 glitters: Carrie (the pink) and Julia (the silver) and just a plain black nailpolish, 'cause I needed one. Also I wanted to give to S.O.S. nail repair pads I try. I don't have a crack in my nails now, but when I do get one, I will give these a try :) Bought it together with the glue.

Also a few sponges, because I want to try out the gradient effect. I know, polish addicted and never tried gradient? I'm ashamed...

Next is the body shop!

Got the Japanese Cherry Blossom eau de toilette and shower gel. It smells amazing! But I have to admit I also bought it's Japanese cherry blossom. People who know me, know I'm a litte asian-obsessed. Just a litte... haha. But reallty, it smells sooo good!

And I also went to lush!

Got the ice blue soap. It smells really refreshing! They say it's a stimulating minty, sea salt body soap (to give you a tingle all over). I haven't used it yet, so can't say if it really gives a tingle all over!
Also the green sugar scrub. I have yet to decide if I'm going to use this as it is, or if I'm going to make a paste out if it...

This was my haul! As I was typing this my Eyeko polishes came with the mail. So you can expect a post about it soon!
Thanks for reading :)
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