maandag 30 augustus 2010

Essence SOS Nail Repair Pads

Hello everybody!

I used the Essence SOS Nail repair pads for the first time this week.

Used it together with the SOS nail glue!

As we all know, nails are build of different layers. With my middlefinger, they always seem to "split" (don't really know how to explain this correctly in English? :P). I think the nail on my middlefingers are my weakest nails... So it started to seperate/split/however you should call it, so I thought, why not try the SOS pads out?
My other nail was "simply" broken.

After I just applied them

2 coats of glue later... Looks kinda freaky btw :P Very dry... haha

OMG! Naked nails!!

It's been almost a week now since I put these on. I will post an update blogpost later this day, I still need to take some pictures!

Thanks for reading :)
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