vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Pre blog nailart

Hello everybody!

Before I started this blog, I did some nailart too. I took pictures of it with my phone.. lol.
I wanted to share these " creations" with you! ;) Excuse the quality of the pictures and the background, this was all pre-blog! :P

I guess I never heard of clean-up? And my poor middle finger!

The basecolour is China Glaze, For Audrey
My thumb doesn't look very happy..

Can't really remember what I used for the tips... I can look it up if you want to :) And look at my pinky! The nail is way too long!!

Took me quite some time to make this... All those small beads! I used a simple white polish and sprinkled glitter over it :P

A design I saw in a YouTube tutorial. Used the same colours as in the vid!

Hope you liked my attempts at doing nail art! ;)

Thanks for reading!
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