maandag 30 augustus 2010

Essence SOS Nail Repair Pads: Part 2

Hello everybody!

So here I am again with part 2 of the Essence SOS nail pads!
I'm 50% pleased... Because one of my nails still broke off! Of course, it was my nail on my middlefinger... The layers still seperated/splitted after I applied the pads and after that it broke of.

See here:
(Yes, I got impatient and annoyed, so I peeled off the pads. Which I probably shouldn't have done blabla, but it really annoyed me, and I didn't feel like soaking my nails into nailpolish remover...!)

It worked perfectly fine with the "normal" crack. But I felt like the difference in lenght was too much, so I cut all of my nails...

The end result:

Tomorrow I still have an old "NOTD" for you, and that will be my last post with my longer nails...
I don't really mind that much, I kinda like them at this lenght.

Thanks for reading! :)
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