zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Painting fail? Polish fail?

Hello everyone,

Here's a quick post. Wasn't planned, but I just had to share this pain with you!
I work at a supermarket as a shelf-stacker? re-stocker of the shelves? Don't know how to translate it? Vakkenvuller in Dutch... So I have to open a lot of boxes and stuff blabla. Usually it never really bothers my nailpolish (except when wearing rhinestones..), but this time, major chips! And I did my nails today!

My sad nails! =(

I used my OPI basecoat and my OPI topcoat, as always. I don't understand what has gone wrong :(
Yes, I know this post doesn't make any sense, but the chips of my nailpolish made me sad, so I had to share! Lol
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