maandag 15 november 2010

Small haul!

Hello everybody!

Today I went to the Kruidvat, again... :P, hoping they would have the metallic polishes. They didn't have them :( I asked the salesperson there, and they said they would restock them soon. There were some problems with the delivery of some sort...

But here's what I got!

The magnet... So now I'll HAVE to buy the polishes!
Two of the Essence nail fashion stickers, I read some negative reviews on them, but I was really curious! Also notice the fact how they put "top inovation" on everything, while it isn't a top innovation at all... :P
And an Essence glitter topcoat, simply because I didn't own one before!

As I was writing this post, I suddenly remembered that I also bought the Catrice matt topcoat! I forgot to take a picture of it, so here's a picture with low lighting:

This is my first matt topcoat, so I'm kinda curious how I'll like the effect "in real life"!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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