zondag 7 november 2010

How I remove glitter polishes

Hello everybody!

Today's post is about how I remove polishes that are somewhat harder to remove than your regular cremes.

First, what you'll need:

Nailpolish remover (I use the one with acetone, because in my experience it works better with glitters and stuff), cotton pads and some scissors!

Next you're going to cut the cotton pads in quarters, so four pieces per cotton pad. You'll need ten pieces.

Then you're going to put some nailpolish remover on the pads. Usually I put on a lot, but I had to take pictures this time during the proces, so I used a little bit less to prefend that my camera got soaked! :P
So it worked a little less good, but still pretty ok!

You put one piece of the cotton pad on each nail and press it on. I usually keep on pressing the whole time, until I see that the pad has gotten the colour of the polish.
So sit back and relax, watch a short video on youtube and keep on pressing.

And now it's time to take them off!

Not all of it came off, this is because I didn't use enough remover and because of the glitter. Also I had a lot of layers of polish on. (2 coats of Take the Stage, topcoat, 2 coats of Extra-va-vaganza, topcoat, so in total 6 layers!)
I use the piece again to remove the rest of the polish, which is really easy to do, if you don't like to "re-use" pieces, you can always take another one.

In the end, you'll end up with something like this:

I know that there are also people who do this with aluminium foil wrapped around their fingers. I don't notice much of a difference when I wrap my fingers in foil after I put on the cotton pads, so I don't do this anymore because it takes more time.

I hope you found this post interesting and thanks for stopping by! :)
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