zondag 17 oktober 2010

Time management?

Hello everybody,

This post is about why I'm not really active anymore, like I was in the beginning.

First, in the beginning it was summer break so I simply had more time :P Now I'm studying, I'm in my second year and it's kind of hard for me. I'm not really a person who is good at time management, so basically I do everything at the very last moment. I have exams this week, my first one is tomorrow. And what do you think? Exactly, haven't really done anything yet...
Sometimes I think school is just too much. We have to do projects, which take a lot of time. Almost all of the time doing homework, was working on the projects.. I hope I will pass my exams, please send some good luck my way?? ;)

Second, I also work. I have to, I have to pay my own school fees, and if I want to keep my nailpolish addiction alive, I have to earn some money to buy new polishes, right? ;) haha.

Also I don't have a lot of ideas at this moment. My head is filled with stress and thoughts about school. Most of the time I will do NOTD's, but I can't do those everyday, because I don't have the time to change my polish every day. (Sometimes I wish I had! Wearing a different polish everyday is fun ^^)
I want to post blogposts with my own ideas and own thoughts, I don't like to be a copycat so I try not to. Sometimes it's hard on me just to blog. As a starting blogger, I don't have a lot of visitors. I knew this beforehand, but sometimes I see other blogs with 100+ followers I feel jealousy inside. But I know that they worked hard for every follower, and I know I can get there too if I work hard!

With this post I also want to thank everybody who visits my blog! I really appreciate the visits! :)

Well that's it.. And once again, thanks for stopping by!
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