maandag 4 oktober 2010

My eyebrows...

Hello everybody!

Today's post is about my eyebrows. I really have a thing with eyebrows. I hate mine. Uneven. Too thick, too thin, hairs are too long and sometimes "curly" so they stick out weird.

There are going to be some weird pictures today... you'll see.. haha

I walked around the globe for 18 years looking like this:
I know. It's bad. Look at those brows. Seriously.

Then I went to get an Anastasia Brow Treatment, and I looked like this:

And then I did it myself. I thought it would be easy, just pluck the hairs as soon as they show, so you wouldn't mess up your Anastasia brows...
And yes... I failed...

And this...
Kinda thin... And yes, I dropped the piercing and got a new hairstyle :P

And today... They look like this (Weird picture!! :P)

Better... But not good enough. I decided to leave my brows alone for the next week, will I be able to succeed?
I have the Anastasia stencils at home. I think I will use them for guidance the first couple of weeks. Maybe I'll make a post about how I use them?

Ugh. My brows really annoy me. It also annoys me how people always tell me it's so nice to have thick, hairy eyebrows 'cause you can shape them well. I have no talent for shaping at all, so I'd rather have thinner eyebrows...

So, this was the post about eyebrows. What do you think? Am I overthinking it too much? Am I exaggerating?

Thanks for stopping by!

You saw correctly, I hardly ever wear make-up.
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