zondag 24 oktober 2010

NOTD: Crackling Ivanka

Hello everybody!

First of all, excuse my bad pictures! I took them in low lightning and the nail on my middle finger decided to chip. I had an "accident" at work, my finger got stuck between to boxes and as I pulled my finger out, it took away some of my polish.

This is Zoya's Ivanka with the Barry M Nail effects.

It was fascinating to see this polish dry. You put on a full coat of polish, and then it just starts to "crackle".
This polish dries matte. I didn't really liked the matte effect over Zoya Ivanka so I decided to apply a shiny topcoat.

I kinda have the feeling the Barry M also gave me instant tipwear. Or maybe it's just me, I don't really know. But maybe because of the effects it shrunk a little? But it's not that bad, on the pictures the tipwear is worse than after I applied it, because I already wore this for a couple of days, and of course I worked with this mani.

I like this polish. I don't have any other crackling polishes, so I can't compare. But overall I'm pleased with this one!

Thanks for stopping by! :)
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