donderdag 14 oktober 2010

How I keep my things...

Hello everybody!

Today's post is about how I keep my stuff! And I have to admit... I'm kinda ashamed haha! I was I had a nice system to organize my polishes in etc... I really want to get the Helmer from Ikea, but when do I ever go to Ikea? Exactly...

First picture..
Here you see two purple baskets-things filled with stuff, on top of a red shoe box. Everything is nail-related, except for the cleaning cloths for my glasses and the makeup remover :P

There are some polishes inside the baskets, and nail art stuff such as rhinestones. Also my cleanup brush is in here, remover.. basically everything :P

The inside of the shoe box! Most of my polishes are in here. Also my Essence stamp set and SOS nail repair patch.

And I also have this box.. The shoe box is full so I had to use this one too.

My newest polishes are in here. Orly, Nubar, Eyeko, Zoya, Nfu.Oh

That's it... Kind of messy right? I really hate being so unorganized. Also it's annoying to reach my polishes, always have to remove the purple baskets and then open the shoe box blablabla.. I'm a lazy person!
Hmm, maybe I should go to Ikea soon? Or isn't it that bad? haha

Thanks for reading!
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